How To Remember Anything!

As mentioned in other articles on this web site, a person may train their memory to remember anything (or instance, byassociating names with specific illustrations). This works justas well with written information.

There are several key words or a key thought in each paragraphof printed matter that can be associated with an illogical orridiculous illustration. It is much easier to remember andrecall ridiculous associations than it is to recall normal anduneventful relationships.

As you proceed through any text choose one or several Key wordsor key thoughts from each subject and relate them to aridiculous cartoon or illustration. Actually "see" it in yourminds eye as it relates to the key word or key thought.

When you have occasion to remember a particular matter, the"picture" should automatically appear to you and the entirethought should be recalled.

Use Your Mind's Eye!

Be sure to SEE the ridiculouspicture associated with the printed matter you wish to recall.

As you proceed through a book, practice seeing a picture andrelate it to the key words or the main thought of the writtenmaterial.

This method of learning should improve your abilityto retain what you read. With sufficient "practice" using thismethod, many individuals will be able to develop a "photo-Type"memory and remember anything.

The Key to this memory system is to "see" the "picture" in your"mind's eye". After you have practiced and mastered the systemand are able to get instant flashback recall you should be ableto read most any text material and visualize ridiculous picturesto associate with the thoughts expressed in the printedmaterials.

Prove To Yourself You Can Remeber Anything!

We suggest you prove this system to yourself. As you read thefirst several pages of information, "see" a picture related tothe words or thought. It may be rather difficult to "see" atfirst but by constant effort and concentration amazing progresscan be made. When you have seen the picture, just go on reading the following subject matter and repeat the process. Don't be concerned that you will forget the prior subjects! They should remain imprinted on your mind and recalled later,instantaneously and clearly.

After you have read several pages, recall the first few"mind-pictures". If you originally "saw" the picture as relatedto the key thought of the printed material, you should rememberthe basic information.

Try it! It's interesting! After you have mastered thislearning system, it should be easy to file various programs awayin your memory and recall them as needed to progress in yoursearch for success.

This way you'll see that you can truly remember anything.

You can train your memory to remember anything with creative memory.