Personal Development and Growth for Business and Higher Pursuits

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personal Growth for Business

You have heard about the current state of human brain use (or lack of) in relation to personal development growth.

Doctors and scientists say 75% of all sickness and disease starts in the mind.

The same can be said for stress, the #1 cause of all fatigue and illness.

And yet it is also said we only use 10% (or less) of our brain capacity.

That means 10% of our mind is causing 75% of all sickness! This simply can no longer be tolerated considering how far science and psychology have progressed.

There is an Answer

This essay, and indeed this entire section discuss long forgotten options re-emerging under various guises.

We attempt to show how the topic of personal development and growth affects conscious evolution and its manifestation here in our “modern” society.

Many programs on the market today are modeled on Superlearning techniques developed in Bulgaria.

These programs have proven learning can be accelerated (by as much as 95%!) and accompanied by endorphin rich pleasure while actually reducing stress!

Combining NLP, Accelerated Learning and Cognitive Science, learning strategies takes human potential to the next level… realization.

“Work is a vehicle for Transformation.
Through work we are fully engaged in life” — Marilyn Ferguson

Personal development and growth is rarely thought of in terms of business, but this too has changed. Right along with Memory Enhancement and Speed Reading you can now find Personal Branding. Meditation, Accelerated Learning, Personal Development and Growth Seminars are endorsed along with Time Management and Networking.

Genece Chamby, personal brand identity coach and “Authentic Schmooze” says “Solo Entrepreneurs love what they are doing and becoming more than what they are getting”.

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame writes in “Retire Young Retire Rich”, that “The fastest way to become rich is to be able to change your realities faster.” And in “The Business School for People Who Like Helping People”, he recommends some network marketing companies because they “focus on rehabilitating individuals mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually”.

Kiyosaki goes on with “Rebuilding myself was more important than making money… some network marketing businesses [truly] do focus on building, or rebuilding in some cases, the person, and then the person can go on to build his or her own business… education and support are there to guide you through this personal development process”.

Discover How to Use Your Own Subconscious Energies for Health, Prosperity and Personal Achievement!

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“We now stand on the shores of a new continent of being, the vistas of which are uncompassably vast and wondrously indescribable.”— Charles Muses

Taking personal stock of what we have done and where we are now is what growth “does”. Plants for example use a mathematic described by Fibonacci sequence to determine what to do in their development and growth.

A plant looks back to see what it just did, ascertains where it is now, and then knows where it is going. It adds the number of leaves it just grew to its present complement to know how many leaves to grow next. It says… I just grew one leaf and I am at one, so that means I now grow two. When it gets to two leaves it says, I was at one and I just grew two more, so now I am at three, and so on. It needs to look back to see what it just did combined with where it is now to know where to go. Such is organic structure.

Unlike the plant however, “we do not see our size.” As Julia Cameron says “We do not view ourselves with accuracy. We are far larger, far more marvelous… than we recognize or know.”

My friend Peter Shepherd says “When you look back at what you have been doing, the moments you find easiest to recall are the times you were most conscious or ‘awake’. Go back into your past and relive as many experiences as you can remember”. As you can imagine, a huge part of personal development and growth has to do with being free of negative memories.

The Dark Side of Personal Development and the Growth of the Higher Light

What you seek with these methods is to create a new way of living. But your mind deceives you. It convinces you to stop trying to create change because its happy in it’s misery. It knows that cherished self deceptions will have to be released. Process of personal development and growth will help.

Peter Shepherd says “the evolution of man means the development of certain qualities and features which usually remain undeveloped, and cannot develop by themselves.” And again, “If man does not want it, or does not want it strongly enough and does not make the necessary efforts and get the necessary help, he will never develop.”

This echoes Charles Muses who stated “Truly wanting the higher metamorphosis makes us into a different kind of human being, ready for a different kind of life and destiny”.

“The irony is”, Shepherd continues… “that before acquiring any new faculties that man does not now possess, he must first acquire qualities that he thinks he already possesses but about which he deceives himself”.

“We are not being called to merely a new way of thinking or some kind of role playing,” Muses continues, “but to an actual supra-biological process for which we all have the triggering and releasing potential within us.”

This is personal development and growth as it has always been. It is only recent history that has allowed us to deceive ourselves.

“We are dealing here with profound processes affecting… key metamorphic substances found in animals… What these substances do is activate certain genes whose function would otherwise remain inaccessible.

“So in man, the ancient doctrine went, there are groups of cells — primarily in the brain — which are capable of germinating the higher body… these can be stimulated by regular meditation and fasts at the right times, just as the larval caterpillar encloses itself within cocoon or chrysalis and abstains from its previous activities during its period of higher transformation.”

These functions are triggered by several factors, one of which is sound. There are several philosophies which make effective use of sound frequencies for personal development and growth.

“The relatively larval state that we call the human condition is by its inherent nature a temporary one — one that is designed to be triggered into a more aware and stable state endowed with enhanced abilities and options.”

This is the forward looking direction of personal development and growth.

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