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Network Marketing Leads Hunger for Self Improvement

Network marketing leads are the life blood of a success MLM business. How to generate, train and motivate your own leads is the topic here.

Once you have your leads, you have to "work" them for the highest response rate. Thus autoresponders are an essential component in putting your business on auto pilot.

Many network marketing companies provide leads to their members at reasonable prices.

Use all these methods. Network marketing leads are one of those commodities you can never have too many of.

But you'll find that your most responsive, productive members come from your own circle of interest.

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Network Marketing Leads Are Doing What You Know and Love

Concentrate on your niche. Your best network marketing leads won't always be found looking in Network Marketing Opportunities Magazine.

The people in your field of interest are those with whom you can bond. You know their troubles as well as they do. You are one of them. Offer your opportunity to those you "click" with.

People like to do business with people they know. They like to socialize and interact with people they are familiar with. And they like to recommend people they trust.

This is the networking part of network marketing.

In Brian Tracy's works, we read that "the single most important factor in career success in your 'reference group'. Your reference group is made up of the people with whom you habitually associate and identify. These are the people you live with, work with and interact with outside of work. You identify with these people and consider yourself to be one of them. They consider you to be one of them as well."

Selling the dream is something you often hear in network marketing. Faith and vision are contagious. These are traits which your prospects will pick up on and people you hadn't even considered could turn out to be network marketing leads.

Some of your best leads can be often be found right under your nose.

With a little support and direction, you can turn network marketing leads into powerful, productive downlines.

Leadership isn't an option

We have moved from the age of the go-getter to the age of the "go-giver". The old marketing adage of WIIFM (or what's in it for me) is another paradigm shift that must be made when building a business in this industry. And YOU have to inspire that.

WIIFM is what your network marketing leads ask when shopping for an opportunity to make money.

We need to show the newbie how to become the type of person network marketing leads will follow.

We, as network marketing leaders only get paid if successful in leading others to success. This means helping your network marketing leads over the personal development hurdle of altering their perspective.

Your "newbies" come into this business having heard all the hype and expecting the world to start shoveling cash at them.

Without your direction and leadership your downline will quickly become disillusioned and their motivation will wane.

Where to find Leads?

Potential MLM leads can be found in both your "warm" and cold markets.

So many newbies want to begin building wealth before they approach those who are bound to ask, "How much have YOU made in this business".

Although there are several ways to deal with such questions, the mere asking can often be disheartening to those just starting out.

Introducing your opportunity as a way for your prospect to empower themselves despite what you've made is the line you draw when making your "presentation".

The methods I use aren't for everyone. Your prospect may have potential in areas that you don't. More outgoing for instance.

However, there will be lots of prospects so excited imagining their own possibilities with a business such as yours that they won't worry about what you have made.

You have to be selfish with how you spend your time and apply your energy.

Once the ball begins to roll and your newbie begins to show that glow of success, those in their warm market will start asking them what they are up to.

But don't burn any bridges either. Just because one person isn't interested, they may know a few who are and refer them to you.

There are plenty of opportunities to scoop up huge numbers of leads through classified ads, direct mail, buttons, flyers, t-shirts, bumper stickers... just walking and talking.

Power of Attraction

Network marketing leads flock to a system which they believe they could duplicate. The idea is to get the word out to as many people as you can that you have such a system.

With so many home computers and the popularity of the internet, your task gets a whole lot easier.

There are literally millions surfing the net and others logging on for the first time who wish they had what you have to offer.

Traditional network marketing forces people into a cookie-cutter mold. Everyone must work the business in the same way. That means working your warm market and holding opportunity meetings where you have to get up and speak in front of crowds. This is entirely too intimidating for many.

Think of alternative prospecting methods. Apply some ingenuity.

Think about running classified ads in magazines targeting people with special interests for instance. Or do it on the net!

The whole point to generating network marketing leads in this day and age is to cultivate and encourage individuality. This is what makes these systems duplicatable. And its what makes your offer attractive.

Here is where generating network marketing leads meets personal development and growth.

Showing prospects how more of their dreams can become reality and more of themselves can be realized and expressed in the light of day makes YOU attractive.

Have the attitude that you are the answer your prospects seek. Your network marketing business will blossom.

Tools for Generating Network Marketing Leads

Between the internet and your personal area of interest, you have ready access to all the potential network marketing leads you'll ever need.

The best tool I've found for generating network marketing leads is Site Build It!. It's a web hosting package that let's (more like demands) you concentrate on your own area of expertise.

SBI takes care of the technical stuff like HTML, search engine submission, newsletter publishing, results tracking, etc.

This makes it so easy your kids can make money online.

(The training at Site Sell alone can be applied for a fast start in any program... including Network Marketing Opportunities. Take it from me. Also highly recommended.)

The ease with which you can create a full time income will amaze you.

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