How Can I Learn How to Buy In To Blockchain Startups?

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Begginers Guide to Succesfuly Buying in to Blockchain Startups 

Even if you’re the kind of person that only spends a few minutes daily online reading news articles or blog posts etc, chances are you’ve heard of ICOs. They’re the latest Internet craze, and much like everything else people go crazy for, ICOs Startups promises of very attractive, quick and high returns on even small initial investments which are desigend specifiacally to lure in the unwary or inexperienced Cryptocurrency traders.

Investors really are spoiled for choice. There are a lot of serious ICOs legitimately raising funds for some very important and extremely useful projects. Whilst at the same time there also some ICO Blockchain startups which are trying to gain investors’ attention through  some rather nefarious methods, such as choosing a “Shiba Inu” as a mascot and calling the new ICO token a Dogecoin. There are others which purpote to be making a political statement at the same time in the hope it might attract the unwary by syaing it is something like a “Putincoin or Trumpcoin.” There is even a Useless Ethereum Token (yes, that’s its actual name), which criticises the very concept of ICOs on its website. And yes, they’ve raised quite a bit of money.

DONT DO THIS to invest in a Succesful blockchain startup!

A typical project holding a Succesful blockchain startup ICO will have a website and a white paper, containing as much information about the project and its goals as possible. Those will describe the team and its relevant experience, the idea and the roadmap of its execution, approximate goals and means of reaching them, and so forth.

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