Drug Addiction Will Stop Your Self Improvement Dead In It’s Tracks!

Drug Addiction
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Drug addiction is not an easy subject. It creates turmoil and negatively impacts many lives, not only the addict’s.

Family, friends and co-workers experience the effects too. This makes it the catalyst for some of the most profound self improvement pursuits.

Drug Addiction Effects Family, Friends and Coworkers. Drug Abuse Will Stop Your Self Improvement Pursuits Dead In Their Tracks.

Recreational drug use, especially of synthetic drugs, is increasingly common. Notably, those using them are not found predominantly among the marginalized or socially deprived but among the young, studious, employed and relatively affluent.

I Know from Personal Experience

Raised in a setting of rampant drug addiction, I know first hand the anguish and devastation it can cause. The genetic links are well established. To lose both parents to this disease (within two years of each other) made my choices very apparent… continue on this path and die or stop and live. I had to stop.

There are as many “reasons” for using as there are people. No matter how you start, the object is to stop, fast… before too many bridges get burned.

You don’t have to struggle to break free of bad habits anymore. With techniques like The Sedona Method, you can feel your urges dissolve on the spot with.

For those who have already proven to suffer from the phenomena of craving (definite sign of the disease), don’t take that first one. Relapse doesn’t have to be a part of your story.

Treatment centers have a detox phase which make it somewhat safe for the exploration of behavioral, societal and psychological triggers. Here is where pattern interrupts can be instrumental.

The patient submits to a loss of physical freedom in exchange for the possibility of achieving psychological and spiritual freedom…


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Spiritual Freedom?

The concept of a higher power abounds in the 12 steps. The 11th step in particular focuses on meditation. Combine this with comprehensive fasting, various forms of “tantra” yoga (or sex magic!), and psycho-technologies like NLP and the culturally instigated addictions have nowhere to hang their hat.

Through fasting and “tantra” for instance, we challenge biology itself. History, via personal timeline work helps us to confront the “demons” (both personal and societal) that haunt us, leaving us feeling that there is no other way.

“Core Transformation”, questioning and confronting distorted societal perceptions that we have adopted as our own is another avenue offering hope and help to those suffering from drug addiction.

Exercise helps sweat the poisons from our systems.

Society, history and even biology have combined to ensnare us in a materialistic web that can easily distort our self improvement pursuits into drug addiction and other frustrated attempts to find relief.

The way out is through challenging and overcoming the snares on their own terms.

As Gary Zukav puts it, “Acknowledging an addiction, accepting that you have an addiction, is acknowledgment that a part of you is out of control. The personality resists acknowledging its addictions because that forces it to choose to leave a part of itself out of control, or to do something about it. Once an addiction has been acknowledged, it cannot be ignored, and it cannot be released without changing your life, without changing your self image, without changing your entire perceptual and conceptual framework. We do not want to do that because it is our nature to resist change. Therefore, we resist acknowledging our addiction”.

Overcoming drug addiction is allowing a healing process to run its course. We often try to camouflage the pain of this healing with drugs, sex, food, adrenaline etc., but this also stops the healing process.

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