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Practical Self Help and Psychology to Enhance Your Self Improvement

In the crucible of your day to day experience, right here in the laboratory of your life, imagine a brand of self improvement which knows no bounds… which goes to the biological bone… knowing with your whole being. Self-improvement of a higher nature.

Personal Development

(cru·ci·ble: noun
1 : a vessel of a very refractory material (as porcelain) used for melting and calcining a substance that requires a high degree of heat
2 : a severe test
3 : a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development crucible of Chinatown — Tom Wolfe>
–Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

My name is Joseph Porter and here you’ll discover hard core, world class personal development and growth exploring the potentials inherent in you… Real-izing your unique genius and bringing it to life in the real world, the objective.

We’ve taken the sterile, clinical, academic discoveries of human advancement and dared to seek application to our daily affairs. (We’ve been at this long before “The Secret” came on the manifestation scene.) Here you’ll find a street-wise science of self improvement and personal empowerment.

Not merely to remedy some ill or another, think of higher self improvement and these accelerated solutions as clearing the way for higher exploration.

Higher self improvement pursuits aren’t simply overcoming stress or time management issues… taking us from some sort of “sub-cultural” condition to societal “normalcy”.

After all, conventional “wisdom” has the majority of its adherents willing to retire at or below the poverty line, in ill health, with their only “mark” left on the world being their children (to whom they now or will soon prove a burden).

Those of us prone to the perils of substance abuse don’t seek to “get clean” just to “fit in” with the status quo. (If that is all there were, one may as well endure the hell of addiction!)

Just as we don’t seek methods of financial freedom and abundance simply to catch up on delinquent bills, accelerated methods of self improvement “clear the way” so we can get on with the business of higher self exploration.

And just as the quickest way to overcome our personal demons is to embrace them, seeking their satisfaction in a manor acceptable to all concerned… and just as establishing financial security may mean tossing the “comforts” of “job security” to the wind… so might the path to those higher states, spoken of for ages in Eastern cultures, involve not an erasing of ego, self-consciousness etc., but in a kind of spiritual jujitsu, an embracing and full realization of its capacities and potential for good.

When You Have To “Know”…

Exploration is in the human make up (thus, space exploration).

But a more significant territory, just as unknown and infinitely more meaningful is that point where the Absolutely Unknowable Divinity becomes… Us!

Beyond the rarified air of cutting edge concepts and emotional rushes of mundane goals both envisioned and achieved… life style alterations become the next stage. Day and night, dreaming and waking; feasting (hygienically) and fasting; titillation to tantra, day after day; lunar phase after phase… moving gradually, yet definitely toward living the next paradigm…

Higher Self Improvement Pursuits are a Natural Result.

Think of how you, with all your natural talents, can achieve a never-before-experienced-on-Earth response.

To hold your whole life high, a lightening rod for flashes of illumination and inspiration to continually strike… this is the beginning of higher personal development.

Tailor made self improvement… an eclectic blend of tools and techniques able to catapult your pursuits to higher levels.

A kamikaze style of growth where realizing the intuited state is worth… everything.

Heroic self improvement where, with the aid of modern tools of introspection and self expression, a high performance YOU comes erupting into the world, eager to be shared.

Here is where Self Improvement meets Evolution

What gifts do you have to share? What comes easily to you?

With me it was an insatiable urge to fully “know”. Think and Grow Rich, combined with early exposure to esoteric schools of perennial wisdom sparked a desire to delve deeper and discover, first hand what we TRULY are.

Personal development, as presented here is more then mere psychology and affirmations but uses these as tools. What’s more, revolutionary “secrets” of modern science and technology (such as the Holosync Audio Solution, discussed in our newsletter) will accelerate your personal growth to a point indistinguishable from evolution.

Entertaining a higher vision? Explore accelerated methods of achieving it.

The noted philosopher and mathematician Charles Muses said “The mark of a real and deep insight is its ability to make other men clearly aware of that insight”. It is the objective of this web site to help you gain this caliber of development and insight.

To accelerate your personal growth along the path to this real and deep insight is the purpose of Higher Self Improvement Pursuits.